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What Our Customers Are Saying

Taylor Revilla - C-HQ member
Love it all!

Yall did amazing on all your sets! I'm loving it and I'm so excited to play with all the stickers and planners/notebooks! I'm also loving this members area. Can't wait to see how this community grows. 

Tammy leggett - C-HQ member
I was floored!

When I opened the catalogs from these artists, I was floored... I am loving each of your unique techniques. Thank you so much!

Barbie Young - C-HQ member
The diversity is awesome!

Can I just say, I have soooooo missed progipad stickers! And the new ones are bad ass. I also am blown away by the other creators, especially suc de coco cause I'm a coco ho. The diversity is awesome, some sweet, some delicate... and best yet, fire farting zebras. Just in time for coco de mayo..I mean Cinco de mayo lol