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Daisy the peach collection

Introducing "Daisy the Peach" sticker set – a whimsical collection that brings the beauty of nature and the charm of daisies to your digital planning. Get ready to infuse your plans with the vibrant colors and enchanting spirit of "Daisy the Peach"!

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Magpie colouring page

Introducing "Mugpie is a Thief" sticker set – a mischievous and adorable collection that captures the antics of Mugpie,[click link below to browse the full set] the mischievous magpie with a penchant for stealing shiny objects. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey with "Mugpie is a Thief"!

Summer glow collection

Introducing the "Summer Glow" collection sticker set – a radiant assortment that captures the essence of the sun-kissed season. These vibrant stickers will infuse your digital planning with the warmth and energy of summer. From golden sunbursts to tropical motifs, let the "Summer Glow" collection transport you to sun-drenched beaches and breezy adventures. 

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Self love collection

Introducing the "Self Love" collection – a heartfelt assortment of stickers that celebrates the beauty of self-care and self-acceptance. These empowering stickers serve as gentle reminders to prioritize self-love and nurture your well-being. It's time to prioritize yourself and create a planner that celebrates your unique journey of self-love.

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Strawminions collection

Introducing the "Stawminions" sticker set – a delightful collection featuring adorable strawberry characters straight from the depths of my imagination. These charming stickers will add a whimsical touch to your digital planning, bringing a burst of cuteness and fun to your creations. Get ready to infuse your digital world with the sweetness of the "Stawminions"!

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Bundle Tiny-life, Magic frog

Introducing the "Tiny Life" sticker set – a charming collection showcasing adorable animal characters living their best, pint-sized lives. These whimsical stickers capture the joy and playfulness of the animal kingdom in a small-scale world. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Tiny Life" and let your creativity flourish alongside these tiny animal companions.

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Wednesday collection

Introducing "The Wednesday Collection" – a captivating sticker set inspired by the intriguing world of the show Wednesday on Netflix. Immerse yourself in the mysterious and enchanting atmosphere as these stickers bring the essence of the series to your digital planning. 

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Jungle fever collection

Introducing "Jungle Fever" – a whimsical sticker set that will transport you to a lush and vibrant world of exotic wonders. Dive into the heart of the jungle with these enchanting stickers featuring playful animals, tropical foliage, and colorful flora. Embark on a wild journey with "Jungle Fever" and let your creativity roam free in the jungle's embrace.

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Love birds collection

Introducing "Love Birds" – a delightful sticker set that captures the essence of love and nature's beauty. Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment as these charming stickers bring together the grace of birds and the splendor of blooming flowers. Whether you're expressing love, celebrating a special occasion, or simply adding a touch of romance to your creations, "Love Birds" will infuse your designs with tenderness and charm. 

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Nativity collection

Introducing "The Nativity Collection" – a reverent and timeless sticker set that beautifully depicts the cherished nativity scene. Experience the wonder of the Christmas story as these stickers bring to life the birth of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the holy scene surrounding them. Each sticker captures the essence of faith, hope, and joy, allowing you to create heartfelt designs that honor the true meaning of Christmas. 

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Pilgrim collection

Introducing "The Pilgrim Collection" – a charming sticker set crafted specifically for Thanksgiving, honoring the spirit of gratitude and the historical significance of the pilgrims. These delightful stickers bring to life the essence of the season, featuring pilgrim characters, harvest symbols, and warm autumnal elements. Add a touch of nostalgia and tradition to your digital planning as you commemorate the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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Safe flight collection

Introducing "Safe Flight" – a special sticker set crafted during the COVID era, symbolizing resilience, hope, and safe travels. These stickers serve as a reminder of the importance of taking precautions while embracing the spirit of adventure. From face masks to sanitizers, these whimsical designs blend safety measures with wanderlust. 

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Trick or treat collection

Introducing "Trick or Treats" – a spooktacular sticker set created during Halloween, featuring cool drinks and sweets infused with a hauntingly delightful vibe. These stickers are the perfect accompaniment to your Halloween-themed digital planning, adding a touch of whimsy and sweetness to your creations. From wickedly delicious treats to chillingly refreshing drinks, let these stickers set the tone for a ghoulishly good time. 

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voodoo magic collection

Introducing "Voodoo Magic" – an enchanting sticker set featuring adorable Halloween characters inspired by the concept of voodoo. These bewitching stickers bring a touch of mystical charm to your digital planning, combining the spooky allure of Halloween with whimsical voodoo elements. From cute voodoo dolls to magical potions and mystical symbols, let these stickers cast a spell of creativity on your digital creations. 

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school of magic

Introducing the "School of Magic" sticker set – a captivating collection inspired by the enchanting world of Harry Potter, yet crafted to be completely unique and brimming with its own brand of magic. Immerse yourself in a realm where imagination knows no bounds as you delve into this whimsical collection of stickers. 

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Homeschooled collection

Introducing the "Homeschooled" sticker set – a delightful collection tailored for those embarking on the journey of homeschooling. These stickers bring a touch of creativity, organization, and inspiration to your digital planning, celebrating the unique experience of learning at home.

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Red flamingo collection

Introducing the "Red Flamingo" sticker set – a whimsical collection featuring super cute red flamingo characters that will steal your heart. These adorable stickers bring a playful and vibrant touch to your digital planning, infusing your creations with a burst of color and charm. Get ready to dive into a world of cuteness and enchantment with the "Red Flamingo" sticker set!

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Fresh and Minty

Introducing the "Fresh and Minty" sticker set – a refreshing collection designed to invigorate your digital planning experience. These delightful stickers feature a cool and minty color palette, bringing a sense of freshness and rejuvenation to your creations. 

Elephants & Peanuts Collection

Introducing the "Elephants and Peanuts" sticker set – a delightful collection that celebrates the playful relationship between adorable elephants and their love for peanuts and peanut butter. These super cute stickers will bring joy and whimsy to your digital planning, showcasing the irresistible charm of elephants indulging in their favorite treat. 

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Choose joy collection

Introducing the "Choose Joy" sticker set – a collection designed to inspire and uplift your digital planning with a message of positivity and happiness. These stickers serve as a gentle reminder to embrace joy in every aspect of your life. . Unlock the power of positivity and let these stickers be your guide on the path to a more joyful and fulfilling digital planning experience.

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Smile collection

Introducing the "Smile" collection – a heartfelt assortment that sheds light on anxiety and depression in a positive and uplifting manner. These stickers aim to inspire hope, resilience, and self-care, providing a gentle reminder that even in the face of challenges, smiles can be found. 

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Namaste collection

Introducing the "Namaste" sticker set – a serene collection inspired by the practice of meditation and mindfulness. These stickers invite you to embark on a journey of inner peace, tranquility, and self-discovery. Whether you're designing a meditation journal, expressing your love for mindfulness, or simply seeking moments of calm in your digital planning, the "Namaste" set will infuse your creations with a sense of serenity and balance. 

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