Best practices

Best practices to help you manage your sets!

We want to make sure that you do not lose your goodies so read on to make sure you are all set!

  • Save all your catalogues on a cloud service. There are plenty of cloud services that provide a large enough storage space for all your PDFs ,check out the list of cloud services below.
  • Note that the links inside of your PDFs (catalogues) will not expire so you have plenty of time to download your items once you have downloaded your catalogues.
  • However The download links to the catalogue will expire after 30 days so please make sure to download them immediately and store them somewhere safe in the cloud preferably .
  • We really recommend you keep your catalogues on a cloud service instead off a file on your computer as it will insure that you do not lose your date even in the event of your device being lost or stolen.
  • If you need support for anything please contact us at or alternatively

Here is a list of cloud storage you can use to keep all your PDFs after you downloaded them. Most of them have a free option so don’t hesitate to use them to make sure you do not lose your digital goodies.

  • Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage
  • Google drive offers  15GB of free storage 
  • Icloud offers 5GB free online storage for Apple users
  • Onedrive 5GB free cloud storage but with a 100GB file size limit
  • Ice drive offers 10GB of free storage
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