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Digital artist supporters

You understand and appreciate real art and talent in your industry and you know full well the importance of supporting artists to help them continue to do what they do and make a living.

Sticker fanatics!

if you need your monthly fix of stickers and planner goodies. If you are following artists in groups and actively participate in the life of the community then this offer is definitely for you. If you have an allocated budget for your sticker craving because you know you can not resist than this offer is exactly what you need!

Creative minds

You are a creative at heart and everything you love and do, you become creative at! Even something as trivial as planning your day can become a real creative adventure for you. You are different than all the rest and this is what makes you unique!

hand drawn art lovers

You love hand drawn art because it really speaks to your soul and because it is so much more creative than cookie cutter style stickers! You appreciate the artistry put into each sticker because you are an artist yourself or because you are truly passionate and you have a sharp eye!

Get 4 Catalogues Monthly!

Every month each of our creator is creating a uniquely designed catalogue for you. Each catalogue contains full size sticker sets, planners and procreate goodies.

Each creator is free to create as she pleases so that you can  always recognise their work, because we know that you love and trust them already, you could recognise their unique style anywhere!

See examples of monthly catalogues produced by all 4 designers

Premium monthly


Then $17 Per month

Access everything ! All access pass!

  • Access to 4 catalogues per month, one per creator
  • Access to discount club, 50%  discount on all creators stores!

Meet our creators

We are a collective of artists hand picked for our art work, our dedication, our proven record of customer satisfaction over the years as well as our expertise in the field of art and design, productivity and business. 

We know that you will be delighted because you have told us so many times already and this is why we cannot wait to continue to spoil you and make you feel special , because to us nothing matters more than customer service, we are dedicated to make your experience truly special!

Olivia Raymond


about the creator

I am the proud CEO of Progipad and the founder of C-HQ

I wanted to collaborate with the best in the industry so I reached out to my girls , Vanessa, veronica and Susanne ...what a treat for all of us!

I’ve studied marketing my entire career and I also had to battle pretty disabling learning disabilities (not to attract sympathy ...but it did guide my path in life). I had issues to memorise things at school and I was still learning how to write at age 12 😅

So I use to draw my lesson on a board or just to help me make sense of the world I was living in (I have aspergers syndrome ...again all is good 😌 ). This is how I learned how to draw I guess 😅😅😅

I cannot say that Im truly trained as an artist but I can say that life is an excellent teacher, as well as failure 😁😁😁😁.

Even though my store was successful , I've always been driven and I always had a vision, so as the obsessive person that I am I decided to create a club called the C-studio!

It was a success but unfortunately my mum got sick and all of the sudden I realised that I needed to take a new risk and work harder at a better version of the club.

I looked at my options and decided that I would only do what I love so I decided to reach out to creators that I truly admired and Oh my god I was so scared to be met with no's or animosity....But instead Vanessa, veronica and Susanne welcomed this opportunity with enthusiasm and humility!

Im honoured to work with those wonderful and Im committed to make this collaboration fruitful for you so that we can all create with excitement and dedication!

Veronica Mores

Digital artist - Co-Founder

about the creator

Hi! I'm Veronica 😁

I am the proud CEO of SUC de Coco on Etsy, you can call me Vero!

I’m ever so thrilled that Liv has counted on me for this project.
From the get-go when she first told me about it, I saw the potential and of course, I loved her energy and the excitement she had for this project and all her work. I hope that together with all the talented designers in this project we can all create a fun and creative space where we can share, inspire and create! 

My background....a quick overview 🤪

I’ve studied business career but I’ve been drawing since I can remember.
I’ve been an illustrator for a children clothing company and then a counselor for an online learning school. But I get burnt (not totally sure if this is well said 😬) I needed to stop and made a break in my life. And was then when I decided to start with the digital planning and Suc de Coco 😸

Vanessa Matte

Digital artist - co-founder

about the creator

Hi! I'm Vanessa Matte

I'm a freelance illustrator from Ottawa, Canada, and the owner of The Digital Siren. It's very nice to meet you 😊

It's so nice to meet you! My name is Vanessa and I'm a professional illustrator. I also have the entrepreneurial bug and I've dreamed for a long time to have my own shop to sell my art. I'm having fun every day creating digital planner stickers, chatting with the planner community and seeing all the beautiful spreads you make with my stickers ❤️ It's so wonderful!

Why am I part of this project?

As an artist, I truly believe in the power of collaboration to unleash our unlimited potential. By myself, I'm often overwhelmed and don't have time to achieve everything I hope to achieve. I'm only one person! With the help of other fabulous creators, we can bring you a membership that's truly the best in the market and gives you SO MUCH value. Here we can have fun, create, share, teach... It's awesome!

Susanne Gadegaard

Digital artist - Co-Founder

about the creator

I am the creator of BellaNora Creative Studio. (formerly know as Gadegaardhome).

itˋs a one woman show, where I get to draw new things for my digital planner, and share it with the world on my Etsy shop!

I love being creative and when Liv asked me to part of this project, I couldn't resist, since I get to be creative all the time for all of you!

My background....a quick overview 🤪

I have been in sales for many many years. I´m now 48! (can you believe that?) and I have been a shop manager for many years.

In 2014 I need a change and I quit my job and started to work on my creative journey. I´m self taught and I have tons to share when you start out learning all of the ins and outs of the digital planning world.

4 Different Creators = 4 Different Styles

Our work speak for itself and we have very different styles so that you can have more variety and get more inspired day by day in your planning efforts , do not limit yourself to one planning style anymore and have fun mixing and matching to make your layouts truly unique!


Join the Community now it is FREE to get started!

We understand your hesitations and your frustrations!

We have received feedbacks from our community and we have seen that you wanted more from your creators, however we were sometimes unable to give you what you really desired because of lack of support. Now that we have joined forces we can provide you with our best work!

What is wrong with most subscription model out there.

  • The stickers are cookie cutter type of stickers, always the same ,just different colours. Art is subjective but you are a hand drawn original art kind of gal!
  • You are not really saving enough money to justify the monthly price, If you compare the price of a set in store and the price of the membership the saving is just too minimal and it is not really worth your investment.
  • You are stuck with one designer and so you are stuck with one style. Even though you are a real fan of one particular artist does not mean that you can not love another so you must often make a choice!
  • You do not get enough value for the money! You want more stickers and more fun and interaction with creators for the value of the membership but as creators working alone we cannot humanly do it all!
  • You cannot justify paying for both a subscription and buying from other designers you like and support, it is just too much spending...

Why we offer you the best solution at C-HQ.

  • We are offering hand made stickers always different according to themes you have requested in our private community! 
  • All of our drawings are completely original and unique.
  • You are getting works from 4 different designers including sticker sets, planners, digital papers, fonts, procreate goodies every month, these are full sets (no sample size), there is nobody out there offering as many goodies as we do monthly as simple as...
  • We have different styles carefully hand picked to guaranty that you have enough variety for you planning needs and have a proven record of customer satisfaction on popular stores like Etsy or Shopify.
  • We are stronger together and we put at your disposal our know how and expertise so that you have a full experience which includes, digital goodies that you can play with, online events, online courses, digital guides and a premium exclusive community run by your favourite artists so now you can have access to them directly!

Why are we real unicorns of the digital planning world?


We are a collective of well known and recognised artists. We have been in a game for a while and you already know and trust our brands.We know all about the digital planning specificities.


We work on requests 80 percent of the time. We will try and provide you with what you need as well as add our own creative inputs to make sure that you get the best of both world!


We are an all encompassing platform including free educational content included in your membership! This content is free for now so get on board today!


We create hand drawn art only! We are artists in our own rights and as such we are bringing you our brain juice (SUC DE COCO 😁) to provide you with absolutely one of a kind stickers!

Why is it so important to support creators, the cold truth!

Before we go any further we need to understand all members of this creative family and creators play a big role in helping you achieve your artistic endeavour.

Unfortunately in our community creators are sometimes less appreciated for their work as they should be and as a result the entire community is suffering , because a creator that can not make a living is a creator that will simply stop creating and providing with beautiful art work.

We deserve your respect

  • Many of us work really long hours and even weekends. We are running small business and we are wearing too many hats for one person most of the time. So by supporting our business and spreading the word about our work you are literally putting food on our table.
  • Artist provides original art work that are the fruit of their creativity and this can be really time consuming and like any job it can cause real fatigue and stress
  • We have studied our craft like any other professional , we are trained in several areas that allow us to do our job and deliver amazing stickers to you.

We deserve recognition for our work as much as the next one or we will stop working for lack of support!

As creators we are often sees as hobbyist and the value of our work can suffer as a result of this misconception.

 As any other artist our work deserve to be recognised and appreciated. We thank our community of supporters who understand that without this simple recognition we can not operate a business and therefore we will not be able to produce any longer.

This is why your financial support becomes vital in this community! You are at the centre of our activity and you are the most valuable for our creators because without your respect and investment we could not do what we love.

We value your support ❤️

This is where you can fully take full advantage of your role in this community of creators and creatives.

Because you are the life and blood of this community , we promise to always treat you with the upmost respect and gratitude. With C-HQ you will always experience stellar customer service.

Our creators speaks 4 different languages so you will never be left in the dark, plus you will always have access to your favourite creators inside of our private community, no bots or cold and unfriendly  support staff. 

With us you have a voice!


Omgosh! Seriously….all of the new catalogs for September are so totally awesome!!!!! You all are so very talented and just when I think the catalogs could not get any better…BAM another month and more wonderful sets come out! It’s like it’s my bday every first of the month! Thank you for bringing us such beautiful stickers and planners. Truly you are all the best designers! ❤️


C-HQ member

Yall did amazing on all your sets! I'm loving it and I'm so excited to play with all the stickers and planners/notebooks! I'm also loving this members area. Can't wait to see how this community grows. 

Taylor Revilla

C-HQ member

When I opened the catalogs from these artists, I was floored... I am loving each of your unique techniques. Thank you so much!

Tammy Leggett

C-HQ member

Why us?


The value
  • We offer an unmatched amount of digital goodies every month for a price that is fair for all parties involved.
  • We provide good quality educational content that allow you to complete your experience to help you step up your planning game!
  • We provide you with a truly exclusive online community far from the noise of facebook where you can interact with fellow creators 😊


The variety
  • We offer 4 different styles that you can mix and match for better results
  • Our creators are well known and already own their own store so you can rest assure that they understand your needs and wants.
  • Our creators are also very popular in the planning Community so you can be sure that they will create content you love and that you will enjoy using!


The expertise
  • Our creators are well trained artists so they will provide you with exclusive educational content that you won't find anywhere else!
  • We create plan with me video live so that you can ask questions as we are teaching and demonstrating!
  • You will feel like we are right there with you all the way and all recordings will be available in your member's area!
Premium monthly


then $17 Per month

Access everything ! All access pass!

  • Access to 4 catalogues per month, one per creator
  • Access to discount club, 50% discount on all creators stores!

Frequently asked questions

About Our Brand

Who are the main creators at C-HQ?

Currently we are a team of 4 main creators and one guest creator: Olivia Raymond from Progipad, Susanne Gadegaard from the Bellanora studio, Vanessa Matte from The Digital Siren, Veronica Mores from Suc De Coco and Victoria Wilson from Calypso Creative.

How can I join the team?

Please send us your website address as well as example of your work , make sure to include your motivations too at

What does beta means?

Beta access means that we are still in the process of building the C-HQ platform and that you are at present only paying for the digital planning goodies we deliver monthly, all other features that we develop in the future will be free for beta members. You will be grand fathered in at this price for as long as you remain a member.

About Our products

What exactly do we get each month?

You will be able to download one catalogue per artist each month, so at present that is 5 catalogues per month with full size sticker sets, planners and procreate goodies, each artist will come up with her own collection and no theme are imposed to them, each creation is original and respects the artists inspiration.

Will the products be available in store?

This is entirely up to the artist to decide wether or not they wish to list items in their stores, this has nothing to do with C-HQ each artist is free to decide, so please email the artist directly to make an enquiry.

How long do I have access to the products for?

The catalogues are available from the first of the month to the last day of the month, please download your items immediately.

About orders

Can I get a refund?

No refund will be granted due the digital nature of our product, all sales are final.

Who to contact for support?

Please email us at

Can I gain access to the catalogues that I forgot to download during the month?

It is your responsibility to download your catalogue during the time that they are made available to you, we will try to accommodate to your needs when possible but understand that artists make their work available for a contractual amount of time, going beyond this access point go against the artist's best interest so make sure to download your items on time to avoid losing access forever. Thank you for understanding.

  • Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road,, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA, UK

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