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Welcome to C-HQ beta, we believe that we can not build the best community out there without you and this is why we have decided to open the doors early to our most trusted customers! If you are here it is because you are a true supporter of our stores and we want to listen to your voice and help you help us create the best creative environment for you! 

Gain immediate access to our private community

This is not another facebook group but rather a dedicated platform where you will feel right at home and enjoy a space of freedom and collaboration!

Give feedbacks on what we are working on! and exclusive sneak peeks!

While we are in beta we will be unveiling our first sets to you exclusively! We are also waiting for your feedback to improve the platform and make it YOUR platform!

Get early access to our full membership offer coming on the first of may!

We will be opening the cart on the 1st of may so get ready to be the first to access our very first creations once you upgraded to paid members! 

Shape the platform of your dream!

We will be hearing your Feedbacks and shape the platform of your dream! We will do our best to give your vision a chance to flourish! 

Have a chat with our creators!

You will have a stronger bond than ever to our creators who will really enjoy discussing with you and share their opinions on various topics!

Make requests for our upcoming sets!

You requests inside of the C-HQ community will be taken in account in priority! And we will keep you updated on progress as we go along!

Frequently asked questions

When will I access my first sets?

You will access your first set of catalogues on the first of may. On the first of each month thereafter.

When will I be able to upgrade as a premium user?

We will open the cart (meaning you will be able to upgrade as a paid member) on the first of may. So you will be able to upgrade as a paid member then and gain unrestricted access to everything on the platform 

What will I get access to every month?

You will gain access to everything that the collective create as a whole. That will includes stickers, planners, digital bullet journals and so on. But we will also create educational content that you will be able to access for free while the platform is still in beta.

What is the price of the full membership?

The price of the membership is $27/month. This option gives you access to all the digital goodies created by all creators of C-HQ!